we create solution for waste paper

and made use of plastic recycle

For recycle pulp we have started our plant named  Eco Friendly Thailand in 2013. Today we have 2 plant sites for serving our customer with total production of 1000 MT/ month, and will start Third plant in October 2021 to reach total capacity of 2,000 MT/month first half of 2022

recycle pulp

we produce recycle pulp for packaging , tissue and fiber cement customer

RDF from plastic

use waste plastic to do RDF

We're pleased to share that The Incubation Network will be announcing the wonderful cohort of five organizations including us (ECO FRIENDLYTHAI) for our Thailand Plastics Circularity Accelerator today! Please keep a lookout for the announcement post that will go live on our social media  (Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter)  at 10:00 SGT, 17 December 2021 (today!). The update will also be reflected on our webpage -
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